Legame tra obesità e cancro

he US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a new report on cancer and obesity last week, highlighting that cancers associated with overweight and obesity, including thyroid, liver, kidney, and ovarian cancer, constitute 40% of cancers diagnosed in the USA, with over 630 000 diagnoses in 2014 alone. The study looked at data from the United States Cancer Statistics for 2005-2014. Disparities between sexes in the rates of cancers associated with obesity are especially stark, with 55% of all cancers diagnosed in women being associated with overweight and obesity, compared with only 24% of cancers in men. Most of the disparity is due to endometrial, ovarian, and post-menopausal breast cancer, which together make up 42% of cases of obesity-related cancers. The report did not look at lifestyle factors, but the fact that women are less likely to use tobacco and alcohol makes the sharp burden for women-only overweight and obesity cancers especially confounding.W


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